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.. py:module:: aiodisque
.. _getting-started:
Getting started
AIODisque Getting started
Install from Pypi:
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AIO Disque
AIO Disque is an asyncio client for Disque_, an ongoing experiment to build a
distributed, in-memory, message broker.
AIO Disque is a modern client for Disque_ — an ongoing experiment to build a
distributed, in-memory, message broker — using Python coroutines and the
explicit async/await introduced in Python3.5.
It works exclusively with >= Python3.5.
.. toctree::
:maxdepth: 2
* :doc:`getting-started`
* :doc:`reference`
AIO Disques requires Python 3.5. You can install it using ``pip``::
% python -m pip install aiodisque
An example
Here is how to send and receive jobs from a local Disque server:
.. code-block:: python
from aiodisque import Disque
client = Disque()
job_id = await client.sendjob('my-queue', 'body')
job = await client.getjob('my-queue')
Additional Features
AIO Disque tends to be 100% compatible with the disque api document.
It provides additional python goodies for queues and results iteration.
Indices and tables
.. py:module:: aiodisque
.. _api:
AIODisque Reference Manual
.. autoclass:: Disque
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