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......@@ -34,7 +34,28 @@ For example::
'bar': bar}
assert (yield from services.apply(fun)) == {'foo': 'I am foo',
'bar': 'I am bar'}
'bar': 'I am bar'}
``annotate(*args, **kwargs)`` annotate a func with service names.
``coroutine Injector.factory(name)`` declare a service factory
``coroutine Injector.get(name)`` return the service instance
``coroutine Injector.apply(func, *args, **kwargs)`` call the annoted callable
with the mounted service.
``coroutine Injector.partial(func)`` prepare an annoted func with later services.
``coroutine Injector.close()`` clear all cached services., and call all deferred
``coroutine Injector.close.register(obj)`` defers ``yield from obj.close()`` when
``Injector.close()`` is called.
.. _asyncio:
.. _jeni:
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